Welcome to our official wrap-up of the vibrant Cocktail Reception that kicked off the Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2024 conference in Huntington Beach, California, hosted by Jack Cooper. Join Automotive Logistics’ chief content officer, Christopher Ludwig as he warmly welcomes a diverse group of industry experts, setting the stage for an event dedicated to exploring the theme of disrupting the status quo in finished vehicle logistics.

“We want to disrupt the status quo, because this is an industry that has been disrupted in many ways, whether it’s been literal disruptions on the US Mexico border, capacity issues in ports, the tragedy at Baltimore, or big changes and shifts in the market on certain customer demand with what’s happening with EVs, it’s something everyone in the industry is having to face. ” Ludwig said.

“But at the conference, we’re really trying to get ahead of some of the changes and show how, through flexibility, through new types of partnerships and through technology, vehicle logistics can disrupt itself before it’s disrupted further and and start to see some real success.”

Over the coming days, we’ll hear from experts in FVL from the likes of Ford, GM, Nissan, Subaru of America, BMW Group and many more.

Stay tuned for more exclusive coverage of the main stage, insightful interviews, and the hot topics coming out of the conference on our live blog

FVL North America 24

Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2024 takes place 21-23 May in Waterfront Beach Restort, Huntington Beach, California.

At the event, experts will address the key issues and opportunities in the FVL sector including combating the capacity crunch across rail, road and sea, harnessing data and analytics to make real-time improvements to network planning and operations, turning EV planning into reality, balancing investment and partnerships for decarbonisation strategies and re-imagining partnerships across the vehicle logistics supply chain.