Christopher Ludwig, chief content officer, Automotive Logistics closes out the Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2024 conference in sunny California.

The delegates gained insight and knowledge from FVL experts over the past few days, with the final day of the event focused on regulations, governmental support and federal and private investment in infrastructure, and opportunities to become more sustainable as a sector.

Christine Casey, who leads Freight Policy at the California State Transportation Agency, discussed investments that the state is making to support ports and roads, reducing congestion and inefficiencies in the supply chain. We also heard from Nissan’s Jeremy Johnson about how the OEM is democratising its data, and Glovis and Jack Cooper explained how they’re using digital tools to optimise the network.

The softening of EV sales is bringing some uncertainty to the industry at a time where carriers have faced high costs and inflation is high, but industry leaders shared how they are moving sustainably forward through partnerships and planning.

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FVL North America 24

Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2024 took place 21-23 May in Waterfront Beach Restort, Huntington Beach, California.

At the event, experts addressed the key issues and opportunities in the FVL sector including combating the capacity crunch across rail, road and sea, harnessing data and analytics to make real-time improvements to network planning and operations, turning EV planning into reality, balancing investment and partnerships for decarbonisation strategies and re-imagining partnerships across the vehicle logistics supply chain.