The path to predictive analytics for vehicle logistics: Nissan’s data-driven transformation

Steve Jernigan, Nissan, Frank Agrusa, ICL, Paul Nurse, Proact

Nissan’s Steve Jernigan, along with IT experts from Proact and ICL, explain best practice for developing truly data-driven vehicle logistics across North America and beyond.


Disruptions to the supply chain are only re-emphasising the need for automotive supply chains to integrate data and build effective feedback loops into production, network and distribution planning. In this session, Nissan’s Steve Jernigan explains how the carmaker is transforming the way that it gathers, stores and analyses data across its supply chain in North America, including migrating to an integrated cloud and developing new logistics systems. A new partnership with Georgia Tech, meanwhile, has led to pilot programmes to use the ‘physical internet’ in Nissan’s vehicle logistics.

Experts from IT and software specialists ICL Systems and Proact, meanwhile, detail the need for shared data standards and collaboration, and make use of technology such as telematics, to achieve more predictive analytics in vehicle logistics. 


Steve Jernigan, Director, Finished Vehicle Logistics at Nissan North America

Frank Agrusa Director, Product Development and Innovation at ICL Systems

Paul Nurse, CEO at ProAct International

Moderated by Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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