US used vehicle demand brings innovation and opportunity to vehicle logistics

Joe Kirchler, Manheim, Travis hacker, Glovis, Trent Broberg, Acertus

Strong demand for used vehicles, low inventory and rising prices are putting more importance on innovative vehicle logistics and distribution, with remarketing and auction retailers looking to carriers for solutions. Experts from Manheim Logistics, Glovis and ACERTUS share insights on succeeding in a hot market.


The second-hand vehicle market in the US is on fire, with retailers on the hunt for inventory and moving vehicles to customers as fast as possible. In a year that has seen an acceleration of online purchasing and auctions, dealers and auctioners continue to innovate in vehicle logistics services.

In this session, specialists from Cox Automotive’s Manheim Logistics unit, along with Glovis America and Acertus, discuss the changing dynamics of the used vehicle market and the many opportunities for vehicle logistics providers. 


Joe Kichler Vice President at Manheim Logistics, Cox Automotive

Travis Hacker National Manager Used Car Trading at Glovis America Inc

Trent Broberg, Chief Executive Officer at ACERTUS

Moderated by Richard Logan, Senior Content Producer, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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