23 - 25 April 2019
Hyatt Huntington Beach, CA

The ten years since the first ever finished vehicle logistics north america conference was held have been a time of enormous and far-reaching change. And, as we celebrate the event’s 10th anniversary, it is clear the pace of change in North America’s finished vehicle logistics sector can only increase.From evolving international trade relationships to the influx of new technology in supply chains, and from the ongoing evolution of vehicles themselves to society’s changing attitudes towards car ownership, the need for vehicle OEMs, logistics service providers and infrastructure operators to work out how best to position themselves for the future has never been greater.That’s why this year’s Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference, taking place on 23-25 April 2019 in Huntington Beach, California, is based on the theme:  How to prepare for the next decade Alongside the celebrations for our 10th anniversary, this year’s spectacular event will also mark a new beginning as we celebrate the finest companies, individuals, projects and achievements in finished vehicle logistics in North America with the .Don’t miss out – reserve your spot at this year’s !

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