Capacity constraints continue: finished vehicle logistics survey Q2 2023


Download this exclusive report to discover the latest challenges facing finished vehicle logistics. Based on an extensive survey of FVL users and providers so far in 2023, the results provide clear insight into the specific issues affecting the global vehicle logistics sector. 

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The latest survey, produced by Automotive Logistics in partnership with Cognosos, identifies a widening range of challenges for finished vehicle logistics providers, including ongoing capacity constraints, driver shortages and inflationary pressures. 

Automotive Logistics recently surveyed our expert network of finished vehicle logistics (FVL) professionals from around the world about the challenges their companies are facing, and how they’re looking to overcome them. We’re now ready to share the results and to exclusively reveal the strategies that companies are deploying.

Download this survey for exclusive insights including: 

  • Industry challenges
  • Cost concerns
  • Labour concerns
  • Employee turnover
  • Capacity concerns
  • Logistics transport modes
  • Freight rates
  • Delivery lead times
  • Logistics lead times
  • Technology and digitalisation
  • Investment
  • Real-time visibility
  • EV logistics challenges
  • Sustainability
  • Government support
  • Revenue, profit and investment
  • Vehicle production and sales

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