The global finished vehicle logistics (FVL) sector has battled multiple crises in recent years following the pandemic, chip and supply chain shortages, and more recently severe transport capacity shortages including global ocean, rail services and truck drivers. Along with managing these challenges, the sector is tasked with ramping up electrification, meeting stricter sustainability targets, all while continuing to deliver vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Innovations in technology and digitalisation are helping the FVL sector by providing more data and insights, but changing legislation, longer lead times and labour shortages are still affecting the market. LSPs are also looking at expensive fleet and infrastructure investment to use more efficient and sustainable equipment. And all this is at a critical time as OEMs and logistics providers aim to keep the automotive industry’s recovery on track. 

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To get an accurate view of the state of play in the FVL sector, and how we balance these challenges and opportunities, we need the input of global experts. That’s why Automotive Logistics is continuing its global survey of the finished vehicle logistics sector, and has teamed up with Cognosos, the leading real-time visibility specialist, to provide you with insight into how companies are measuring up to the challenges this year. 

For all those who fill in the survey, you’ll be the first to receive a report on its findings so you can benchmark how your business is doing compared to competitors and see the future trends facing the industry.

Together, we can find solutions to the challenges that continue to be faced by our industry.

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