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Download this free e-book to learn how the return-on-investment for next generation real time location services has changed for finished vehicles in the post-cloud, post-AI technology landscape, with significant cost, operational and time advantages for OEMs compared to legacy systems. In partnership with Cognosos. 



Tracking finished vehicles at scale in plant yards, ports, distribution centres and throughout the supply chain is a challenging, time-consuming operation. And with such high-value inventory, time really does mean money. Add today’s unique supply chain constraints – including critically low finished vehicle inventory in many markets, along with driver and labour shortage – and this lost time also equates to lost sales. Never has speed, accuracy and visibility in vehicle logistics mattered as much to OEMs’ revenue and balance sheets.

That is why investing in the right technology to improve accuracy and visibility of vehicle movements is strategically important to OEM and logistics providers. There is no shortage of options for operators to consider: from manual barcode scanning to real time location services (RTLS) including RFID, cellular telephony, onboard telematics and GPS.

While each of these technologies has advantages and drawbacks, a critical development has been the shift from processing data captured locally, to making use of the processing power of the cloud, edge computing and artificial intelligence together. This change is enabling operators not only to better capture location information, but gain fast analytics to make critical optimisation decisions that reduce time, cost and damage. Such services are also increasingly available ‘as a service’, which reduces upfront investment costs further.

This technology shift has significant implications for the return-on-investment (ROI) considerations of tracking technology investments.

This e-book from Finished Vehicle Logistics, supported by real-time, asset-location tracking specialist Cognosos, explores the technology development from RTLS 1.0 to RTLS 2.0, and compares their ROI specifically for finished vehicle logistics. 

It features insights and case studies from OEMs and vehicle logistics decision makers, including Hyundai Glovis, as well as leading supply chain management academics and researchers.

Download this e-book for exclusive insights including:

  • Comparisons of ROI, accuracy and quality for post-cloud, post-AI tracking real time location services compared to legacy technology
  • Industry case study featuring Hyundai Glovis on its approach to tracking at the Kia plant in West Point, Georgia
  • An exclusive interview with Cognosos chief product officer and leading real-time, asset-location exert Adrian Jennings
  • Strategies for meeting changing customer requirements, including managing lower inventory levels and incorporating more digital sales and distribution models


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