Download this report to find out what are currently the main concerns for those companies providing and using finished vehicle logistics services around the world. Based on an extensive survey of companies in Asia, Europe and North America, the results give an overview of the key trends affecting the sector and the sentiment in the market as a whole

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There are a number of issues affecting the global finished vehicle logistics (FVL) sector at the moment. China’s zero-Covid policy, rising fuel, equipment and freight costs, labour and material shortages, and the repercussions of the conflict in Ukraine are all impacting vehicle production and distribution, as well as sales. It means every car made is spoken for and there is an urgent need to deliver those vehicles to the end customers, while accurately tracking their progress.

All this is taking place under renewed scrutiny of the sustainability of the finished vehicle sector. 

To more accurately measure the main concerns of those using and providing finished vehicle services around the world, Automotive Logistics teamed up with finished vehicle and freight transport expert RPM to research the sector and provide data on the findings.

The survey looks into capacity, rates and costs, and labour, and aims to provide an overview of the key trends affecting the sector. It also measures the sentiment of the sector and what are perceived to be the biggest challenges and opportunities out there at the moment. 

Download this survey for exclusive highlights including:

  • The top three challenges for both users and providers of finished vehicle logistics services according to region
  • The impact of the semiconductor shortage on vehicle production and distribution in the coming quarter
  • The main concerns with regard to labour
  • Capacity concerns across the different transport modes

Download the report here


This survey was compiled in partnership with RPM.


With over a decade in the Finished Vehicle Logistics space, RPM is one of the fastest-growing full-service logistics companies in North America and Europe, specialising in finished vehicle transport. The company addresses customers’ shipping needs by matching available capacity and meticulously but efficiently providing complete origin to destination execution to every logistics and distribution challenge.


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