The Covid-19 crisis has forced dealers faced with closure to adopt online sales and subscription models. We take a look at what it means for the logistics sector and how start-up Lynk & Co is going all-in on it.

While established OEMs like Volvo, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz are examining their supply chains to figure out how they will cope with new business models that demand flexibility and agility, that disruption is something start-up (and Geely subsidiary) Lynk & Co, has built its strategy on from the start. Lynk & Co is doing away with traditional dealerships, instead establishing clubs, where customers can see the car they want but actually buy or subscribe to it online. 

Marc Platten, Lynk & Co’s vice-president of commercial operations tells us how its launch will depend partly on the established Volvo networks and partly on novel strategies like purposely keeping the number of models it offers extremely limited to make sure it always has stock in strategic locations.

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