Wallenius Wilhelmsen has announced the signing of a three-year contract worth $195m with a leading industrial equipment manufacturer. The ro-ro shipping and vehicle logistics provider has the option to extend the initial term of the contract by two years.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen port of Zeebrugge

Wallenius Wilhelmsen at the port of Zeebrugge

“It is yet another example of how we are continuing to renew and strengthen our existing partnerships,” said Pia Synnerman, chief customer officer at Wallenius Wilhelmsen. “This updated shipping agreement with an established long-term customer, is based upon multiple scheduled trade routes and secures the ocean capacity required to help deliver on their market ambitions.”

Wallenius Wilhelsem reported a solid first quarter helped by contract renewals. The company said that ongoing capacity constraints meant customers were looking to secure integrated shipping and logistics solutions ahead of scheduled contract renewals. 

“In 2024, a substantial portion of our contracts are due for renewal,” said president and CEO Lasse Kristoffersen. Scarcity of shipping capacity provides a firm backdrop for negotiations and business activity. We see increased demand for logistics and integrated services, and support for the ambition to reduce emissions.”

The Norwegian company recently added four more orders for next-generation Shaper class pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) vessels, bringing its total Shaper class orders to 12. The vessels each have capacity for 9,300 CEUs and rank among the world’s largest PCTCs. The dual fuel vessels are also designed to be methanol-capable and ammonia-ready and are able to be converted as soon as ammonia becomes available in a safe and secure way, according to the logistics provider. It said the vessels will play a key role in the introduction of its net zero emissions service by 2027.