CovershotHonda’s North American logistics team, led by Dana McBrien (pictured right), oversees a network that has grown from an empty cornfield into a truly global and ever-expanding organism. Along with senior staff administrator Kevin Wade ( left), who leads the transportation team, McBrien allows Christopher Ludwig an insight into the challenges and development of Honda’s sprawling supply chain, which is covered across this extensive, exclusive report in six parts.

Part one – Field of dreams
Since Honda took root in a cornfield in Marysville, Ohio, the carmaker has created a supply chain of stunning complexity, length and scale

. Betting the farm on Honda 
. The North American view    
. A broad sense of supply chain 

Part two – Getting the lay of the land
To fulfil the scale, diversity and flexibility of its North American production, in 2014 Honda bought some $25.5 billion of production parts from 700 suppliers across the US, Canada and Mexico

. Key logistics sites    
. Dynamic engineering     
. Political localisation      

Part three – A history of integration
Over the course of some combined 60 years at Honda, Kevin Wade and Dana McBrien have had a huge influence on the carmaker’s logistics systems. And they are not done yet...

. Evolution of management
. Installing an LLP
. Influencing supply chain design

Part four – At the centre of change (published July 16th)
Honda’s Regional Logistics Centre represents a move towards integration and commonality in the US, but it has also brought about ‘another way of life’ in the OEM’s homeland

. The Regional Logistics Centre
. Centralising supply
. A model for Mexico?

Part five – Working better, together (published July 16th)
An emphasis on collaboration is helping the carmaker maximise efficiency, minimise cost and possibly avoid capacity and driver shortages

. Joining up the supply chain
. Service parts collaboration

Part six – Nurturing a rich harvest (published July 16th)
From inventory management and container tracking to carbon reduction and data mining, Honda’s holistic improvement is set to continue
. A fertile future
. System and technology upgrades
. Right data before big data