Trucks carrying inbound parts to the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle plant in Wörth, Germany are now sending out automated arrival announcements thanks to a new IT system set up by parent company Daimler and software development partners Inform and Fleetboard Logistics. 


According to Daimler the truck control software from Inform, called SyncroSupply, controls plant traffic using a time slot management system. Logistics providers delivering parts to the plant register their vehicles using Fleetboard Logistics HABBL app when the trucks set out for a delivery. In addition, the vehicles send out status updates of the estimated time of arrival every 15 minutes and at predefined distances along the route and the truck control software sends drivers a green light to drive directly to the plant.

At the plant gate, drivers can use a barcode in the HABBL app to identify themselves and drive right in. If all the docks are busy, the drivers are asked to wait outside the plant and take their scheduled break early.

“These start-to-finish progress updates provides additional certainty for planning,” said Matthias Wurst, director of business development industrial logistics at Inform.

According to Daimler, schedulers and drivers can now digitally view the entire transport process, from the start of the trip to the delivery at the plant.

“This makes it easier to change the schedule on the fly in response to unforeseen problems and make maximum use of driving times,” said the company in a statement. “In addition, the HABBL app supports several languages, which greatly simplifies communication with drivers from other countries.”

The app is integrated in the multimedia cockpit of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros truck. It gives drivers information about their unloading points and guides them there using waypoints.

The new system is being rolled out to other production sites in Germany and is suited to all inbound delivery situations that involve time slot management and central lorry sign-in.

“The automatic communication process illustrates how we, as a lorry manufacturer, can help our logistics customers employ their vehicles more easily and efficiently,” said Stefan Buchner, member of the board of management of Daimler Truck.