Global New Vehicle Demand Forecast 2020-2030. Covid-19: The Long Road Ahead

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Automotive from Ultima Media brings to you INSIGHT PLUS and our brand new 74-page global business intelligence report that answers the burning questions every senior executive has recently been asking about Global New Vehicle Demand Forecasts  in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis:

  • How bad is the impact of the COVID crisis going to be?
  • What are the short-term ramifications?
  • Where and when will the recovery begin?
  • What’s the longer-term demand outlook?
  • What will be the impact of a potential ‘second wave’?
  • Where are the regional opportunities?

We answer these key questions in this exclusive deep-dive analytical report providing you with the clear insight you need to help plan your future business strategy. You need this report Now.

With 1,000+ datapoints across 97 tables and charts, and across 12 leading automotive markets we quantify and analyse the future demand outlook with 3 scenarios for each country:

  • Best case ‘V’ shaped recovery
  • Base case (most likely) ‘U’ shaped recovery
  • Worst case ‘L’ shaped recovery

And we present the 3 scenarios in monthly forecasts for 2020, and annual forecasts for 2020-2030:


United States






United Kingdom





Plus 5 other regions: Rest of Central & South America, Other EU & EFTA, Russia & Turkey, Rest of APAC & Oceania, MEA.

Additional content includes:

  • An Impact analysis comparing the regional variations in severity.
  • An Evaluation of the regional divergence in the likely speed of demand recovery.
  • Measurement of regional lockdown periods.
  • A Comparison of GDP forecasts for 2020 and over the next decade.
  • Reference to broader government economic stimulus.
  • An analysis of specific automotive stimulus programmes – where applicable.
  • An industry wide implications summary and conclusion.
+ Report short introduction (PDF)
+ Full table of contents (PDF)

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Buy this exclusive INSIGHT PLUS report now and stay ahead of your competition.



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