In our second report from Ultima Media’s automotive business intelligence team, we focus on climate change mitigation policies around the world with a particular focus on the most stringent and imminent EU CO2 emissions targets predicting the financial consequences of the legislation upon the OEMs, the impact upon the wider supply chain and the opportunities that arise from the legislation.


Climate Change vs Carmakers by Automotive from Ultima Media

Read this new report, Climate Change vs. Carmakers, which examines in detail how emissions regulation is forcing rapid investments in hybrid & fully electric vehicle technologies. Discover how this will impact the industry landscape, why evolving consumer choices are making the targets more difficult to reach and how the legislation’s escalating targets will irrevocably change the established business models of OEMs.

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Download this free report (link below):

  • Discover analysis of the escalating emissions & fuel economy legislation for key regions around the world and the regulatory divergence this creates
  • For each OEM, you will receive forecasts for EU CO2 targets for 2020 & 2021
  • The individual emissions targets they need to reach
  • A prediction of how much each OEM will hit or miss their target
  • The financial fines that result from missing their respective targets
  • See analysis of the range of options available to OEMs and how they have to balance full compliance costs vs. fully paying the fines
  • Read about the technological opportunities that arise from the emissions legislation

This report is the next in the series from Automotive from Ultima Media’s new business intelligence unit. The series of reports will highlight pressing automotive industry and technological developments, risks and the resulting business growth opportunities that will emerge across the value chain.