The NOCC Kattegat, operated under charter by Neptune Lines, has become the largest vessel to call at the Spanish port of Malaga after delivering a spot shipment of vehicles there from Tarragona in late July.

The vessel, which is 196.4 metres long and has a 5,253-vehicle capacity, discharged 600 Hyundai and Kia cars at Quay 7 in the last week of July. The shipment was handled by Berge, which is represented in Malaga by the Condeminas shipping agency.

Neptune Lines runs two regular services to Malaga – one from Romania and Turkey via France, and the other from Morocco. It has only ever undertaken spot shipments to Malaga from Tarragona and no regular services are planned, a spokesman for Neptune Lines told Automotive Logistics. Further spot shipments between the two Spanish ports could now take place, however, "if the opportunity presents itself", he added.