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AL FVL Summer 2020

Collaboration between the automotive, logistics and the tech sectors is growing by the day, with the coronavirus crisis accelerating digitalisation across the supply chain. Our latest digital edition explores systems standards and tech innovations, including new communication protocols for vehicle logistics in Europe, and a range of new supply chain technology at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Audi México, VW Zwickau, Seat Martorell and Renault F-1. 

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FVL North American Ports 2020

Last year the top vehicle handling ports in North America continued to deal with capacity issues and volume fluctuations while the US, Mexico and Canada hammered out a new trade agreement. Our review takes in the top 30 ports and analyses what impact the coronavirus has had on trade in the first half of 2020.

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FVL European Ports 2020

Our review of activity in 2019 at Europe’s vehicle handling ports includes insight into how Zeebrugge and Le Havre dealt with capacity issues through investments in infrastructure and digital technology, and how ports in Spain maintained throughput during the European downturn thanks to a resilient export trade.

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AL FVL Spring 2020

This issue contains a review of top US trucking companies as well as an in-depth look at rail investment across the country. We also investigate the challenges and opportunities of automotive logistics in Mexico, with podcasts and video interviews from the recent Automotive Logistics Mexico City conference. Other features cover aspects of technology such as satellite tracking, an alternative type of electric vehicle battery and autonomous driving.

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AL Electric Vehicles 2020

This edition looks at inbound, outbound and aftermarket aspects of rising electric vehicle production, plus the legislative jungle that needs to be navigated by logistics service providers. There is an OEM focus on BMW’s plan to bring its battery supply closer to its vehicle assembly as well as a broader investigation into how vehicle-makers are attempting to build a sustainable supply chain.



Tech Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic closed down automotive manufacturing operations across the world, caused huge disruption to the supply chain and created backlogs of inventory. This edition looks at how technology such as visibility tools have helped suppliers, OEMs and logistics service providers to tackle the disruption and get back to business as usual.

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