Mosolf Automotive Railway (MAR) is adding 100 open rail wagons to its fleet to facilitate more vehicles to be transported by rail.

Since March 2015 the wagons have been leased by rail car leasing company Touax, but will become the property of MAR in 2016.

The additional wagons mean MAR now has 450 special wagons. The new double-decker wagons are designed to transport cars and light commercial vehicles. Each is 31m long.
Mosolf uses the wagons all across the European transport network, with the exception of countries with a different track gauge, such as Spain.

Wolfgang Göbel, managing director of Mosolf said, “We’re planning to expand our own company fleet of railway wagons to more than 500 during the next few years. This agreement brings us a step closer to meeting our strategic goal. With our fleet of wagons, we’re better able to manage these transport volumes and offer our customers an ideal transport chain.”

Mosolf has committed itself to protecting the environment and using sustainable methods, so plans to transport goods by rail wherever possible. To ensure that rail transport operations run smoothly, MAR is handling the regular servicing and maintenance work on the wagons.

Mosolf is a large provider of road transport, but over the past few years has been growing its rail transport business, following a similar strategy amongst other providers operating in Europe, including BLG and Gefco.