A new trade association for driven vehicle delivery agents has been set up in the UK. The Association of Driven Vehicle Delivery Agents (ADVDA) aims to bring quality, consistency and conformity to the UK vehicle delivery industry. In a year, British companies moves more than 1m fleet vehicles with individual drivers or trucks, and it is hoped that the new association will eventually become a quality standard for the industry. 

If the code of conduct standards are met, around 30-40 companies operating in the sector could be eligible for membership to the ADVDA. Some of the largest companies in the sector helped form the association, including DMN Logistics, Pro-Driver, Assured Group, and Automotive Logistics Ltd (no relation to this publication). 

Matt Sirrell is the chairman of the ADVDA’s steering committee. He is also logistics partner at Intertechnic, which handles more than 4,500 vehicle movements a month, via operations in Cheshire and Northamptonshire. The company started in 2009 with one customer, and has grown to more than 150 customers today, moving around 4,500 vehicles a month. 

“Too often the vehicle delivery sector is seen as a necessary evil and a cost,” said Sirrell. “But it performs a hugely valuable service in collecting and delivering vehicles on behalf of organisations with drivers carrying out an ambassadorial role on behalf of customers whether they are leasing companies, dealers, or another type of association.”

The association has been welcomed by the logistics and fleet industry. ACFO – the organisation for fleet operators – has embraced ADVDA’s objectives. John Pryor, chairman at AFCO said: “The delivery of a new vehicle is getting more complicated because of its wide range of features. Some dealers are asking delivery drivers to spend an hour or more on the handover so it is important they are fully trained. It is not just a case of handing over the keys.”

The body has released its key objectives, which include promoting the use of vehicle handover software to ensure a consistent customer experience, promoting a fair price for services, improving quality standards within the driven vehicle delivery industry, ensuring a quality of inspection, and working with retail and leasing industries to ensure new vehicles are of quality.