Resuable packaging supplier Orbis is entering into a lease-to-own agreement for a manufacturing facility in Greenville, Texas, and will work with industrial real estate developer EPM Partners.

Orbis said Greenville was an ideal location to serve its customers in the south and south-west US. “This location is within three days of 93% of the US market and has a strong multimodal network,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It is also within 500 miles of nine Mexico/US points of entry. It is located on Interstate 30, which is a major NAFTA trade highway. The Port of Houston is less than 300 miles away. Additionally, Texas is first in the US with road building and transportation innovation.”


Orbis is repurposing a site in Greenville, Texas

Orbis will repurpose an existing facility in Greenville that was originally built for plastic moulding. It said much of the original infrastructure aligned with what what it needs for its own manufacturing purposes. It includes 39,000 sq.m of manufacturing space that will be used to produce reusable pallets, totes and bulk containers. EPM Partners will help Orbis to improve the space and provide infrastructure. 

“We will be modernising the operations and tailoring the facility to Orbis’ workflow,” said the spokesperson. “To continue our focus on sustainable operations, all of the updates are being done with the environment in mind, from office space to lighting, to energy-efficient equipment. 

The partners aim to have the facility ready to begin some operations by the end of 2024.

“We are excited to see this investment come to life and support our customers’ growth,” stated Norm Kukuk, president of Orbis. “This plant enables Orbis to expand its geographic footprint and increase production capacity to serve our customers with industry leading solutions, while making an impact in the community.”

Orbis expects to add more than 190 employees within two years of the lease commencement to support operations at the new plant.