Penske Logistics truckThird-party logistics provider Penske Logistics has announced the introduction of onboard cameras to improve safety across its North American fleet of more than 2,800 heavy-duty trucks.

The event-triggered cameras will capture footage both inside the cab and out through the front windscreen, and are being introduced along with a new driver safety programme to complement existing driver training.

“Using the footage, we’re able to review incidents and coach drivers to be better and safer drivers,” said vice-president of safety, Jason Herr. “During a pilot programme last year, the results of the video-based safety programme proved promising, as we saw significant reductions in total incidents and improved safety scores for our truck drivers at all locations.”

The cameras only start recording if triggered by certain events while the vehicle is in operation, with the combination of inward and outward-facing cameras providing a wide-ranging view of driver behaviour, the Pennsylvania-based company said. Recorded material can be used for exoneration and reconstruction purposes. 

Penske Logistics is committed to running a safe fleet, said president Marc Althen, adding: “This new safety technology allows us to take our dedicated carriage fleet safety to another level to the benefit of the motoring public, our drivers and customers.”

The video-based safety programme enhances other safety-related technology deployed in the company’s fleet, such as collision avoidance, lane departure and stability control systems, backup alarms, speed limiters and advanced visibility LED headlights. 

Last month, sister company Penske Truck Leasing implemented a voice-directed digital maintenance system for its North American fleet of more than 266,000 vehicles.