Denis Molle has taken over as head of IT at Alpine Cars, the sports car division of Renault Group. At the same time Molle retains his duties as head of IT Engineering at Renault Group.

Molle takes over from Pierre D’imbleval who has left Alpine. D’imbleval also oversaw IT at Alpine Motorsports and a replacement for that role will be announced in due course.


Denis Molle combines the roles of head of IT at Alpine Cars and head of IT engineering at Renault Group

Alpine said Molle is a specialist in IT applications for engineering and joined Renault Group in 1990. In 2013 he was appointed director of IT planning resources, responsible for sourcing service providers, quality and IT management of industrial partnerships. In 2015, he became head of IT engineering at Renault Group.

In his additional role with direct responsibility for IT at Alpine, Molle will be steering the development of the information systems needed to successfully implement Alpine’s medium-term plan. That includes ensuring the proper deployment and high performance of Renault Group information systems projects that have an impact on Alpine. He will also oversee that the support provided to Alpine teams on the use of the information systems is at the right level.

Coinciding with Molle’s new role at Alpine, Renault Group has also announced the appointment of Gianluca Pivetti to the position of Alpine platform global leader. Pivetti has more than 30 years’ experience developing combustion and, more recently, hydrogen engines, including with Ferrari and Maserati. He was most recently head of the engine department for Stellantis Motorsport.

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