Jennifer Sarah Bolton has moved from her role as director of finished vehicle logistics and supply chain systems and strategy at Nissan North America, based in Tennessee, to take up a new role as director of production at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland, UK.

Bolton, who has been at Nissan for more than nine years, has a wide range of experience in manufacturing, logistics and supply chain roles across the carmaker. Prior to being director of supply chain management she was director of body and stamping manufacturing at Nissan North America’s Canton, Mississippi plant.

FVLNA23 JS Bolton Nissan

Bolton spoke at Finished Vehicle Logistics North America this year

Speaking at this year’s Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference in California, Bolton acknowledged the challenges facing carmakers in the current climate and said that Nissan was thinking outside the box to deal with disruption and plan for the future. That included changing its bidding strategy for trucking lanes from one based on state boundaries to one based on population and dealerships. She said that change was about getting win-win contracts with carriers from which both parties benefitted. Bolton added that there needed to be a different approach to pricing because of added pressure on timely deliveries to the dealer network at a time of low inventory and lagging lead times.

In June this year Nissan Sunderland made its 11 millionth vehicle, a Blade Silver Qashqai e-Power, one of three electrified models currently built at the plant. The carmaker said that equated on average to a new car rolling off the line at the plant every two minutes, every hour of every day, for 37 years.