Rhenus Logistics, a UK-based import/export freight forwarder with 11 facilities across England, Scotland and Ireland, has recently announced a new partnership with Transdanubia, an Austrian logistics company whose business includes distributing automotive parts throughout central Europe.
The announcement will see Rhenus expanding its market presence in Austria, by working with Transdanubia to provide a better logistics service throughout central Europe.
Currently, Rhenus and Transdanubia manage three scheduled trailer departures each week, operating a full reverse logistics solution from the UK to Austria, but both companies have been looking to expand. According to Rhenus, early volume reports are suggesting the partnership will be a success,
Gary Dodsworth, director at Rhenus said, “We’re delighted to add to our growing blue chip and market-leading client base with Transdanubia. We’re pleased to be working with an organisation that shares our values and vision for the future of European logistics and look forward to increasing our market share in Europe. Transdanubia is a first-rate partner when it comes to difficult or unusual transport solutions. Through its use of the very latest in logistics technical equipment, we can jointly guarantee a specialised solution, whatever the load.”