All new MAN Euro-6 trucks will now come with a RIO Box as standard equipment, according to the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group company.

The RIO Box is a cloud-based telematics operating system designed to link together all participants in a supply chain, independent of vehicle brand or the telematics system used, to show truck locations and availability.

Earlier this year, Astrid Lühring, head of material logistics at Konzernlogistik, the central logistics function at Volkswagen Group, highlighted the potential of the open digital telematics platform in an interview with Automotive Logistics.

“Using smart algorithms, RIO can link and analyse a variety of different data sources to provide users with recommendations for specific action on a real-time basis,” said Lühring. “This will allow [logistics managers] to make considerable progress with connectivity and transparency.”

The RIO Box is compatible with all systems and manufacturers. It is designed specifically so it can be used in mixed fleets, “thereby offering small and medium-sized logistics companies the chance to become part of Logistics 4.0”, according to MAN Group.

“Equipping our MAN trucks with the Box is an important first step that will bring us one step closer to our vision of a fully networked transportation and logistics supply chain. At the same time, it serves as a basis whereby customers can access digital added value services,” said Joachim Drees, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus.

The customer has the option to choose whether it wants to share data with RIO and benefit from the platform’s digital solutions.

A security server certified under European standards and based in Germany transmits the data encrypted by the box before making this available to the customer.

Additional functions include the analysis of vehicle data, such as engine rotations, speed, fuel level and brake usage by the driver.