Automotive Logistics is increasing its focus on the Middle East and Africa with a new conference and increased editorial coverage

Automotive Logistics is launching a major conference focusing on the growth and opportunities for the automotive supply chain across the Middle East and North Africa, and its key logistics and trade links globally.

The inaugural Automotive Logistics Middle East and North Africa conference will take place on November 19-20th in the logistical powerhouse of Dubai, with the theme ‘Gateway to Growth’. The conference will bring together more than 200 participants from vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, logistics providers and government officials.

The conference will feature presentations, panels and workshops with high-ranking decision makers and logistical experts. It will also include in-depth market analysis and facility visits, including a tour of Jebel Ali, one of the world’s most advanced ports, free trade zone and distribution centres.

Together with original reporting and insights from Automotive Logistics online and in print, Automotive Logistics Middle East and North Africa will support manufacturers, logistics and technology companies across the region.

“We’re proud to expand the Automotive Logistics platform to another of the world’s most important supply chain hubs,” said Louis Yiakoumi, publisher and business director for Automotive Logistics, which publishes a range of specialist content across print and online, and organises conferences around the world.

“The Automotive Logistics Middle East and North Africa conference in Dubai will connect not only regional decision makers, but also leverage our global network to open up and explore the huge range of automotive logistics and cross-trading opportunities, including with Asia, Europe and North America.”

Logistics is key to Middle East and Africa growth

The Middle East and Africa is one of the most dynamic global automotive regions, with light vehicle sales anticipated to rise around 25% by 2023 to reach 6m units per year. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are expanding import and premium vehicle markets, and seeing rising aftermarket and second-hand vehicle volumes. In North Africa, major OEMs and suppliers continue to invest significantly in production and assembly, notably in Morocco, Algeria and Egypt.

The region is also a gateway to regional and global expansion for automotive trade. African countries are implementing a pan-continental common market. China is investing billions of dollars to connect the region to its Belt and Road initiative. Meanwhile, automotive manufacturers in major hubs like Turkey and India depend on trade links to the Middle East and Africa.

Logistics will thus be key to further unlocking the automotive industry’s potential in the region. Manufacturers and distributors depend on seamless flows to satisfy customer expectations and just-in-time supply chains, as well as to access the technology driving change across the global automotive industry, including electrification, autonomous and connectivity.

Automotive Logistics Middle East and North Africa will facilitate best practice and connect stakeholders in all these areas. Sessions, workshops and special reports will include insight into logistics and infrastructure investment, the development of free trade zones and policy, emerging markets and new technology developments across the region.

“Carmakers and logistics providers need to develop a strategic supply chain strategy to capture growth and opportunities across the Middle East and Africa,” added Louis Yiakoumi. “Together with our partners, Automotive Logistics is offering a unique opportunity to gain insights, key contacts and grow businesses in this region.” 

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Automotive Logistics Middle East and Africa
November 19-20th 2019


For more information on participating, sponsoring or speaking at Automotive Logistics Middle East and North Africa, please contact:

Louis Yiakoumi, publisher and business director, Automotive Logistics 

Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, Ultima Media