Packaging and transport provider Goodpack has launched a returnable container for tyre movements with Ceva Logistics. The Tyrecube container, which is also collapsible and can be stacked, is part of wider collaborative initiative by the two companies to make the transport and storage of tyres across Asia, North America and Australia more efficient.

The companies are using the latest data acquisition technology to simplify short order-to-delivery cycles. According to Ceva the container is equipped for the improved track and trace of the tyres in transit from the production plant to the distribution centres and finally to the end customer.

The container was launched at Goodpack’s Innovation Lab in Singapore.

“The trend in the tyre industry is more and more towards automated systems,” said Madhubhaskar Thirkode, director global tyre sub-sector at Ceva Logistics. “Digitalisation of the supply chain is the future and Tyrecube initiatives are focused on addressing this fact. Warehousing and distribution solutions of the future have to be more efficient and help customers better sell their products.”

Michael Liew, deputy CEO of Goodpack, said that together the companies had put together a “revolutionary” solution for the tyre industry. “The industry has been operating the same way for decades, it is not sustainable given today’s challenges such as blue collar worker dependency, reduction of carbon footprint, and lack of traceability,” he said. ”We believe Tyrecube is the answer to achieving efficiency and productivity gain in the industry.”