Telematics4u, an India-based IT and telematics-enabled solution and service provider, is planning on expanding its operations to 150 countries over the next four to five years, Pratap Hegde, the company’s chairman and managing director has said. 

The company is responsible for providing automotive logistics solutions to Mahindra Logistics, which this week announced a joint venture with Indian Vehicle Carriers.

Hegde told the Indo-Asian news service (IANS), “We are present in 55 countries now through a network of 150 local service providers. We want to expand our footprint to 150 countries in the next four to five years and increase our local service providers’ network to 1,000.”

Current the company works across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia, with plans to move into China and South America also. 

To make the planned expansion, the company has said it needs investment of around 40-50 crore ($6.5m-$8.1m). Currently, telematics4u has a small amount of external investment and operates through a network of local service providers.

Hegde believes there is a significant market for Indian IT services abroad, specifically in the logistics and transport sectors. “Though we provide the solution it is implemented in a tailor-made format by the local service providers. They give the solution in a simplified manner to the end customer. Everything is there in the cloud. Our aim is to create local jobs and encourage development of local ICT. Our company has more of an exponential model than a linear model,” Hegde said. 

The company was formed five years ago and currently employs around 100 people in Bangalore.