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    How best to track the pack?


    Recently developed RFID tags are becoming gradually more accessible to the masses, but do the benefits of this technology outweigh its initial expense.Track-and-trace technology enables users to locate and identify items throughout the supply chain. Methods adopted for such purposes on the returnable transit packaging used for moving automotive components ...

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    India’s exports could quadruple by 2020 says report


    Indian automotive suppliers only account for 1% of overall global exports (worth $10 billion), but things are looking up. The Auto Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) in India, and McKinsey, an American management consulting firm, have released a joint report entitled, ‘Capturing the Global Opportunity, the next imperative for the Indian ...

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    OEM drive for parts quality threatens supply chain


    Premium vehicle manufacturers are stipulating improving standards of suppliers’ component quality in order to meet the demand of increasingly sophisticated buyers according to emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical. As a result severe knock-on effects could be felt throughout the supply chain says the company. Fierce industry competition is increasing ...

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    Bridging the supply chain gap to meet intensified production


    As OEMs push manufacturing toward a 24-hour business in response to demand, lead times for tier suppliers are being tested and logistics providers must look at adapting delivery schedules at all points in the supply chain, says Brad BrennanAs an increasingly buoyant automotive industry drives the need for intensifying production ...

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    Global car making will be based on a risk-benefit model


    Emerging markets are expected to account for 50% of global vehicle production by 2020 and, to remain competitive and reduce risk in the face of stiffening international legislation, carmakers are looking at co-location and the sourcing of components closer to the final consumerStiffening legislation, increased competition and a focus on ...

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    Editor's note: supply chain design and development


    "I love the expression: supply chain design,” a prominent logistics executive in China told me recently. This enthusiasm reflects a trend in the country’s latest wave of factory expansion. Rising production costs and historically inefficient logistics have prompted carmakers to pay closer attention to the shape of supply chains when ...

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    Tier one complexity and fresh looks


    Our October-December coverage has dedicated a lot of space to the logistics management of tier one suppliers, including Magna International, the Behr Group and Johnson Controls International. Their prominence is no coincidence, as suppliers’ supply chain management is becoming more important. With carmakers such as the Volkswagen Group producing vehicles on ...

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    Seeing logistics as more than 'waste'


    OEMs building logistics centres at plants is a good sign for the supply chain management sectorCarmakers have historically viewed logistics as pure cost rather than as investment. One Ford executive, speaking at our European conference a few years ago, even went so far as to say the company saw freight ...

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    Growth and other good problems to have in North American supply chains


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    EDITOR’S NOTE: Get to know your customers' long term plans


    Unpredictability continues to define this economic era. For the third time in as many years, trouble in Greece has left eurozone financial markets in turmoil, while Spain is getting a bank bailout. The Chinese economy has slowed, while India and Brazil too have hit a snag. The US, with weak ...