TMAZ operations at Mazatlán Terminal operator Mazatlán Maritime Terminal (TMAZ) is to invest $350,000 in expanding its facilities at the Mexican port of Mazatlán, after starting to handle new volumes from Mitsubishi.

TMAZ, whose principal shareholder is Chilean company SAAM, currently occupies an operational free trade area there of around 160,000 sq.m, which can accommodate 1,600 vehicles. However, it has a contractual right to expand this area by 20%.

To do so, it plans to bring two new storage areas under its existing free trade umbrella. One of these is behind the adjacent Pemex terminal and the other is in the ferry terminal. The area behind the Pemex terminal could accommodate 1,000 units and the ferry terminal a further 1,600 units.

Both areas are currently used by shipping lines to bring in imports as there are no customs restrictions on them. TMAZ is exploring the possibility with customs authorities of extending their use to include exports, however.

The move follows a rise in the number of finished vehicles TMAZ handles at the port. In 2018, its throughput rose by 8% to 81,000 units and this is expected to grow to at least 120,000 units this year, thanks to new regular Mitsubishi volumes of around 35,000 units a year. Mitsubishi’s vehicles will be unloaded directly from vessels onto rail transporters.

Information regarding Mexico’s new administration’s plans to develop port infrastructure can be found in the Automotive Logistics Mexico conference report.