Toyota Vios

Toyota has opened a vehicle logistics centre (VLC) in the Philippines to support the start of local production of the Vios model, which is planned for the middle of this year at Toyota Motor Philippinnes’ (TMP) plant in the special economic zone in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

The company has invested 464m pisos ($9m) in the facility, which occupies a total area of 12.8 hectares adjacent to the plant. It was designed and built with support from Toyota Motor in Japan and Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Company in Thailand.

The company said the VLC would improve outbound logistics operations and increase stockyard capacity.

A spokesperson for Toyota told Automotive Logistics that TMP had developed a new in-house manufacturing capability in the production of large plastic parts, including the instrument panel and bumper, as well as press parts, including body shell parts and side members.

Toyota is making the Vios in the Philippines as an entry model under the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (Cars) Program, a government-backed initiative designed to develop the country as a regional automotive manufacturing hub by attracting investment, stimulating demand and implementing industry regulations aimed at revitalising the industry.

While imported parts will be used on the new Vios, TMP has increased parts localisation and so far has confirmed 30 direct local parts manufacturers as suppliers. Of these, four were approved as participating parts makers under the Cars Program.

TMP also makes the Innova model at its plant in Santa Rosa.