Transcorr_truckUS road hauler Transcorr is merging with rival trucking company Venture Logistics in a move that will bring improvements in service for both companies’ automotive tier one customers, according to Michael Meier, Transcorr’s CEO.

The details of the merger, which was signed at the beginning of May, remain confidential but Transcorr will take on Venture Logistics’ brand identity as part of the integration.

Venture provides a full range of truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) services, as well as warehouse, distribution and logistics services.

“The merger has been in the works for the past five months and I sincerely feel its completion represents the best future for our associates and customers,” said Venture Logistics’ president, Doug Williams in a statement. “We will be keeping the Venture Logistics name and continue at our Indianapolis headquarters. Over the next few months, TransCorr will be moving here as we will be expanding our office facilities to accommodate them.”

Transcorr operates a fleet of 2,200 trailers in the US Midwest and Southeast regions and, on the automotive side of its business, provides transport and cross-dock services for Toyota, Honda and a number of major tier one automotive suppliers.

“We feel from the TransCorr side that with our technology tailored for the auto industry this is a perfect fit,” Meier told Automotive Logistics, adding that, on top of its existing transport assets and 37,000 sq.m of shared cross-dock space, it will be adding a new 70,000 sq.m cross dock facility next year.

Meier said the company was eager to drive much-needed improvements in the automotive logistics sector, which included weekly rather than annual optimization improvements based on decisions that were data-driven rather than the result of 'instinct'.

“We have to get better or we are looking at 2009 all over again, in my opinion, in another eight to nine years,” said Meier.