United European Car Carriers (UECC), which has its Spanish base is at the northern port of Pasajes (Pasaia), has reported a notable increase in both the number of finished vehicles and components this year. The terminal's director, Miguel García, believes that this will translate into a slight overall increase compared to 2014, although expects to see major gains made in 2015.

UECC, which operates a multi-level storage system at the port, began handling new Mercedes-Benz Viano people carriers and Vito vans in February this year, which should result in a further 3,000 units being handled in 2014. Last, the terminal reported traffic of 50,000 units. The company handles new passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, as well as other high and heavy cargo at the facility.

Mercedes-Benz currently accounts for 26% of the total number of finished vehicles handled by Pasaia, but given the number of new Viano and Vito vehicles expected to pass through the port, this figure is expected to rise. These are built at the company's plant in Vitoria and moved to the port by road, from where they are exported to both mainland Europe and the British Isles.

There are three new versions of each model: large, medium and small. For the meantime, these will co-exist alongside 12 existing models, although only these new models will be handled as of 2015.

UECC has been operating its own terminal at Pasaia for the past 20 years, although began handling finished vehicles there as early as 1979. These are moved by either road or rail from inland plants at Valladolid (Renault), Zaragoza (Opel), Vitoria (Mercedes-Benz) and Pamplona (VW).