Vos Logistics truckVos Logistics and Michelin have recently signed a Preferred Carrier Agreement that the companies claim will make their transport networks more sustainable by reducing the movement of empty trucks across Europe and increasing intermodal transport wherever possible. The agreement involves dedicated transport flows between Michelin and the Dutch provider, which will in turn combine flows with other customers.

The contract, which follows a long-term working arrangement between the tyremaker and Vos in Europe, aims to reduce the number of empty kilometres covered, and in turn to reduce CO2 emissions. Vos will be making improvements to Michelin’s transport networks in several ways: “Most notable is the development of dedicated round-trips, where lead-times, loading times, and volumes are optimised in such a way that empty running is almost completely avoided. This also involves the collaboration of other Vos Logistics customers in order to complete these round-trips, and Vos brings the flows of these customers together,” a spokesperson told Automotive Logistics.  

“Vos Logistics guarantees the capacity to Michelin, and Michelin guarantees the transport volumes in a steady flow to Vos Logistics. The routes and schedules that are being developed include intermodal connections whenever possible. The gains for both organisations are the reduction of the empty mileage and the related emissions, and the maximum use of intermodal connections."

Vos Logistics has been working with Michelin since 1949, when Michelin’s former Dutch plant started cooperation with Harry Vos to provide distribution services in the Netherlands. Today, Vos provides pan-European trucking services that include crossdock operations, final distribution along with on-site loading and groupage services for direct delivery of smaller shipments.

The spokesperson said that Vos has been working with customers such as Michelin to analyse existing goods flows and work out the best routes, driving schedules and capacity usage. This optimisation allows Michelin to anticipate market developments, including to secure transport capacity and help mitigate future transport cost rises. Hubert Franck, procurement director for European logistics at Michelin said, “We can also secure the transport capacity and delivery reliability we need. This will be possible only with committed and qualified partners. Given our long-term association and working relationship with Vos Logistics we believe we have found the right partner.”

Frank Verhoeven, CEO Vos Logistics said, “In the first few years, our strategy was directed mainly at operational excellence and safe and environmentally-friendly transport and logistics solutions within our own sphere of influence. We achieved a great deal.”