Yusen Logistics has increased its handling of car mats from supplier Visscher Caravelle through its sub-assembly and sequencing centre in Tamworth, UK. The mats are being supplied to Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plants in the UK. According to the company, volumes of the mats have increased by 12 times, with a six-fold increase in parts number complexity.

The operation involves the receipt of bagged mat sets from Visscher Caravelle’s manufacturing facility in Poland, picking and sequencing into lineside packaging ready for delivery into JLR’s Castle Bromwich and Solihull plants on a JIT basis. 

Yusen has expanded its Tamworth operation to include all cars built at Jaguar Land Rover’s Castle Bromwich and Solihull plant. 

Last October, JLR incorporated the Jaguar F Type, XF and XJ models at its Castle Bromwich plant, and in December, the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Discovery at its Solihull plant. 

Yusen is now supporting the production of 1,500 cars per day across the two plants, with complete IT visibility allowing for easy stock traceability and real-time alert messaging for the sequence picking and dispatch operation. 

A spokesperson for Visscher Caravelle said, “We have been more than impressed with Yusen’s handling of our programme to date. We have a lengthy supply chain and Yusen is providing a key service in preparing our product for presentation to the assembly line. We selected Yusen because of their proven experience in the sector and strategic location for key UK-based assembly plant.” 

Yusen’s sub-assembly and sequencing centre covers 7,500 sq.m and is one of the company’s six core automotive sites in the UK. As the UK’s automotive revival has taken place over the past few years, activity has grown for Yusen, and tier suppliers have requested model specific decanting, crossdocking, stockholding and sequencing operations. The facility has volumes arriving by air, sea and road, and acts as a ‘staging post’ in supply chains originating in Europe and north Africa, with Yusen technology enabling end-to-end visibility.