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Ronald Kleijwegt, CEO of Vinturas, a company that specialises in interoperable software applications including blockchain, took to the Red Sofa to speak with Christopher Ludwig, chief content officer, Automotive Logistics about the importance of interoperability and the benefits of private blockchain networks. 

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He said that the barriers to interoperability begin with a lack of understanding. ”In the automotive industry, we continue to look at existing solutions, so there are gaps in the supply chain, it doesn’t solve the problem,” he said. ”It takes some time to explain new technology that can solve the problem, so what we do most is educate on this. 

He said that mistrust in sharing information and data is also a challenge: “I think it’s a huge issue, because nowadays sharing data makes you very vulnerable. TMS and visibility providers have been collecting and mining data and using it for other purposes, and while there is a willingness for collaboration and sharing data, they are extremely skeptical and careful. If you can share data in a private blockchain that is encrypted then we don’t have any feedback because now there is trust.”

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