2-4 May 2022 | INFINITY Munich

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A fundamental redesign of supply chain logistics for the future

Logistics and supply chain experts from some of Europe’s major carmakers returned in person to join their tier supplier and multimodal logistics partners for two days of lively discussion and networking at this year’s Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain (ALSC) Europe conference, held in Munich, Germany.

The automotive industry is currently dealing with daily disruption from a number of directions. Rising fuel costs, ongoing component shortages and labour constraints are testing the resilience of supply chain managers. There are also inbound capacity constraints, especially in ocean container freight, a situation that has not improved since the end of the first wave of the Covid pandemic and which has been exacerbated by the zero-Covid policy in China, which has hit the port of Shanghai.

In response to these crises and with an eye on protecting profits and cutting emissions, the industry has responded with collaborative diligence and ingenuity to redesign networks, become more flexible in problem solving and accelerate the automation of processes through digital tools.

Speakers including Jean-François Salles, global vice-president of supply chain at Renault Group, Dieter Braun, head of supply chain at Audi, and Sean Bricknell, Volvo Cars’ global head of inbound logistics and packaging, explained in detail what they were doing to fundamentally redesign the production network and supporting supply chain logistics.

From Toyota Motor Europe, Leon van der Merwe, vice-president of supply chain and production control, explained how the Toyota Production System and the just-in-time management of inventory helped it deal with daily disruption. His colleague Jean-Christoph Deville, head of vehicle logistics, emphasised the importance of collaboration with transport partners and a shared focus on efficiency to tackle current pressures, such as the driver shortage.

Matthias Braun, head of battery cell logistics at VW, also explained what the carmaker was doing to localise battery production in Salzgitter, Germany – a massive undertaking in terms of production and logistics for VW.

Those carmakers were joined by leaders from major tier suppliers including IAC and Yazaki, logistics service providers, including Ceva, CNW, ICL, Höegh, Maersk, Orbis, RPM and time:matters, and software experts Inform, E2Open and Designwerk.

Together they discussed the strategies being put in place to move forward through disruption with greater resilience and with a supply chain as sustainable as the products redefining mobility for the next generation.

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Conference Photographs from ALSC Europe 2022

Industry leaders speaking at ALSC Europe 2022


Jean-François Salles

Global Vice President of Supply Chain

Renault Group


Jean-François Salles is a senior executive with over 25 years experience in automotive manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management. He currently leads Group Renault’s supply chain and logistics activities as Global Vice President of Supply Chain, a role he has held since 2020. Previously, Jean-Francois was Alliance Global Director of Supply Chain at Renault-Nissan -Mitsubishi for 5 years, and General Manager of Capacity Planning and Control at the Renault-Nissan Alliance between 2011 – 2015. He started his career with Renault Group in 1996 succeeding in numerous roles including Project Manager Trim and Chassis Logistics, Industrial Strategy Manager and Plant Quality Manager.
Jean-Francois was also President of GALIA between 2009-2014 and graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris with a degree in manufacturing engineering in 1992.

Matthias Braun ALSC

Matthias Braun

Head of Battery Cell Logistics

Volkswagen Group


Matthias Braun is responsible for developing the end-to-end logistics and supply chain network for Volkswagen Group’s in-house battery cell production, a new role that he begin in January 2022, and part of a new company responsible for batteries that the group established in December 2021. Volkswagen Group aims to establish gigafactories across Europe, with four locations already confirmed including at Salzgitter, Germany. He is responsible for the logistics across battery cell production, including planning and procurement, network design, organisation and operational material flow. Prior to this, Matthias Braun was head of digitalisation and new concept development at Volkswagen Konzernlogistik (Group Logistics), which manages logistics across group brands, where he was responsible for implementing new technologies in supply chain management, including artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

Dieter Braun

Dieter Braun

Head of Supply Chain



Dieter Braun became Head of Audi Brand Logistics in May 2019, and from October that year took over responsibility for the newly established Supply Chain area. In this function, he manages cross-plant logistics processes, such as program planning, international logistics, pre-series logistics, and transport logistics. He is also responsible for the logistics planning and plant logistics functions of Audi globally.
After studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT), Dieter Braun began his career at Audi at the Neckarsulm plant in 1991. He has worked in vehicle steering and various tasks both within and outside of logistics, particularly in the area of cost optimisation and reorganisation, and later logistics planning at the Neckarsulm location. He then moved to Puebla, Mexico to work for Volkswagen de México, where he headed logistics planning and operative logistics. He returned to Neckarsulm as head of plant Logistics in 2005, and later took on implementation of the Audi Production System and industrial engineering. He moved in 2016 to Product Line Organisation, where he was responsible for all Audi vehicles with a transverse engine.

Robert Isele, BMW

Robert Isele

Manager Purchasing and Supplier Network – Digital

Semiconductor Strategy and Management

BMW Group


Robert Isele is responsible for semiconductor strategy and management in the purchasing and supplier network department at BMW, focusing on supplier relations, forecasting and supply of semiconductors for the carmaker’s vehicles and production. He works cross functionally across BMW to help optimise the total supply chain for semiconductors. He has worked at BMW Group for 28 years across electronics, software and interiors, including as manager for perceived value user interface, for driver information systems, and most recently for interior lightings. He graduated from FH Munich with engineering degree in electronics.

Leon Van Der Merwe ALSC

Leon van der Merwe

Vice President of Supply Chain

Toyota Motor Europe


Born in Germiston, South Africa, Leon is a charismatic leader, with extensive experience within the Automotive Industry covering tier 1, 2 and 3 companies. He joined Toyota Motor Europe in 2014, assuming the role of Vice President of Supply Chain in 2019, in charge of inbound, outbound and service parts logistics. Leon is concurrently assigned as head of manufacturing support at the carmaker, adding the responsibility for production control to his role at the beginning of 2022. Prior to joining Toyota, Leon held leadership roles with Kwik Fit in South Africa (Managing Director) and First Stop Europe (Bridgestone) in Belgium (European Managing Director and Vice President of Retail Europe at Bridgestone Europe). He graduated in 1991 from Pretoria Technikon in Mechanical Engineering.


Sean Bricknell

Head of Global Inbound Logistics and Packaging

Volvo Cars


Sean Bricknell has led global inbound logistics and packaging at Volvo Cars since 2021, responsible for engineering and operations across both functions for Volvo Cars production in Europe, Asia and the US. He is also playing a key role in the carmaker’s global supply chain management transformation, including for digitalisation, sustainability and electrification. Prior to joining Volvo Cars, Bricknell was new business development manager for BLG Logistics in South Africa, having previously worked in various leadership positions at Schnellecke Logistics. He spent 18 years at General Motors in a range of logistics roles in engineering, planning and management in South Africa, Asia Pacific and North America.

Discover our 2022 tracks

ALSC Euro_Session Theme Icons_Navigating the New ‘Never Normal’

Navigating the new ‘never normal’

The supply chain shortages and disruptions that characterise the post-Covid automotive landscape are set to endure, requiring greater agility and resilience in logistics and manufacturing. ALSC Europe explores the strategic changes that manufacturers and logistics providers are making to mitigate risk and disruption, including evaluating sourcing and inventory decisions, improving material and vehicle traceability, using data-driven demand and capacity planning, and partnering with strategic suppliers and logistics providers.

ALSC Euro_Session Theme Icons_Achieving Net Zero

Achieving net zero

Re-imagining products, processes and partnerships are fundamental to the automotive sector’s roadmap to net zero, especially in the supply chain. OEMs and suppliers need to establish greater traceability and transparency, with common standards to measure supply chain emissions and identify opportunities to decarbonise and reduce waste. Logistics leaders share their strategies for sustainable operations including reengineered freight networks, new materials, alternative fuels, low-carbon transport modes and closed-loop solutions.

ALSC Euro_Session Theme Icons_Digitalising Logistics

Digitalising logistics

Digitalisation can help streamline automotive logistics planning and execution by better connecting supply chain stakeholders from raw material sources to production plants to dealerships and online customers. ALSC Europe reveals how exponential increases in data and real-time visibility can improve decision making, alleviate supply chain disruption and bottlenecks, and pave the way for advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning. Speakers discuss the systems and tools that will help shift supply chain operations from being reactive to predictive.

ALSC Euro_Session Theme Icons_Driving Innovation in Production & Logistics

Driving innovation in production & logistics

‘That’s the way we’ve always done it’ just won’t cut it in today’s automotive supply chains. As the industry accelerates to an electric, digital and sustainable future, manufacturers require more innovative solutions across supply chain networks and production sites. ALSC Europe fosters a creative, collaborative spirit in logistics and helps stakeholders to invest in the right technologies and partners to not only mitigate rising logistics costs, but to create smarter, connected and greener factories and supply chains.

ALSC Euro_Session Theme Icons_Scaling Up EV & Battery Supply Chains

Scaling up EV & battery supply chains

OEMs are investing in electrification at levels ‘too large to fail’, putting EVs at the centre of their business models and supply chains. Logistics will be essential in ramping up EV and battery targets efficiently, as manufacturers manage complex regulations in transport and storage, new suppliers, specialised plant logistics and material recycling opportunities. ALSC Europe shows how OEMs, suppliers, providers and other stakeholders must invest in scaling the EV supply chain to help Europe realise its electric future, from packaging to vehicle logistics to supporting charging infrastructure.

ALSC Euro_Session Theme Icons_SCM as a Competitive Advantage

SCM as a competitive advantage

Supply chain management is becoming a competitive advantage for automotive manufacturers that achieve the right balance of resiliency and lean management in purchasing and production planning. That is why supply chain organisations are having an increasing influence on executive decisions and business models. Logistics and supply chain decision makers debate how their teams are enabling success by prioritising value over volume, identifying local over global supply where possible, and in implementing more sustainable, digital products and services.

Thank You to our 2022 Partners


RPM - web

RPM is one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in the North America and Europe, specializing in Finished Vehicle and Freight transportation. Leveraging a robust network, we deliver thousands of units per month and address our customers’ shipping needs by matching available capacity using our own proprietary technology tools and software. With our continued global expansion into new markets, we have expanded our 3PL solution-driven service offerings to include capacity planning, information technology, strategic planning, and inventory management.
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INFORM thinks differently about how to solve the challenges the automotive industry faces today, tomorrow is sure to be bright, and we look forward to taking that step together with you. INFORM has quietly been delivering digital automation across logistics for nearly three decades now, and we’ve built that experience into our Artificial Intelligence empowered Automotive Logistics Software Solution.
Today, over 1000 employees deliver customized software solutions for more than 1,000 customers worldwide
ICL - web

Celebrating 30 years in business, ICL is a leading provider of Supply Chain Management and Logistics across the globe, with offices in nine locations in six countries (and counting!). Their collective knowledge and real-world experience have led to the creation of web-native solutions, including Rubicon, our complete 3rd party logistics solutions of the finished vehicle supply chain. By partnering with OEMs, processors, and transport providers, ICL is now an industry leader in product visibility and invoice-auditing solutions throughout the logistics supply chain. With products and services optimized to meet the finished vehicle transport process's demands, they provide seamless integration and total visibility for their customers.
timematters - web

We are the fire department for Automotive Logistics because we ensure that you can keep your promise to your customers. For over 20 years we have been providing high-performance logistics solutions for the most challenging environments.
Based on your requirements, our experts develop customized transport solutions that quickly and reliably move your time-critical parts via air, rail and road to where they need to be. We can provide you with onboard couriers as well as chartered aircraft. In many cases, however, neither are necessary due to an even better solution that is more cost-effective, yet still timely and dependable: with our unique Sameday Air network, we can transport your urgent shipments to their destination via our next-flight-out service (NFO).
With our own operations at several airports, including tarmac access with physically supervised loading, time:matters offers the shortest handling and transit times as well as priority loading. Why conform to a rigid, predefined logistics infrastructure when you can tailor a supply chain to your individual needs?
Maersk - web

Coming soon...
Evolution - Web

Evolution Time Critical has been delivering the world’s finest premium and emergency logistics to the automotive industry since 2001. Their award-winning team is trusted by vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers worldwide. Their activities cover every part of the world, from developing countries with challenging infrastructures to the most sophisticated automotive manufacturing regions. Rigorous research provides access to creative solutions via highly specialist local partners while a combination of tenacity, detailed understanding of local issues, and expertise in all critical transport modes, ensures the fastest, most efficient progress at every stage. Many automotive companies integrate Evolution services with their lean supply chain strategies, developing contingency plans that will immediately resolve potential failures, so they are able to reduce cost and inventory with confidence. Evolution’s success in driving excellence in time critical logistics has received global recognition with prestigious awards from respected global benchmarking organisation Frost & Sullivan, and the Institute of Transport Management.
GEFCO (600)

Coming soon...
K+N - Web (3)

Kuehne+Nagel creates value through its leading solutions, industry expertise, powerful technology and extensive global network. Our services include finished vehicle, lithium battery, inbound & outbound and production logistics, as well as aftersales services, packaging services, tire logistics and reverse logistics. Kuehne + Nagel logistics experts understand the requirements of the automotive industry and develop solutions tailored to customers’ businesses. We are proud to be working with some of the world's well-known automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Our global logistics network includes over 1,300 offices and distribution facilities in 100 countries, staffed by dedicated teams with local knowledge and processes in place. This includes customs brokerage teams to ensure cargo clears customs in the most cost-efficient way. Kuehne + Nagel strives to provide maximum visibility, flexibility and information for its customers. Through our global digitalization tools, we offer on-line quoting and booking, track and trace, and powerful data to help customers make informed decisions.
DFDS - web

Coming soon...
CNW - Web (2)

When your expedited shipment needs to reach its destination fast, we do whatever it takes to make it happen. We are more than an international courier, we are your partner in emergency logistics. We understand your challenges and work tirelessly to find the perfect solution for every urgent shipment. Delivering customised, reliable and efficient NFO (next flight out) and hand-carry solutions for time and mission-critical shipments from anywhere to everywhere in the world. Our focus is your business and we treat your shipments as our own – working around the clock to make sure they get to their destination on time. CNW is a major supplier in the Semiconductor and Automotive Industry. With global offices in the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, France, Budapest, England, Ireland and Israel – plus an arsenal of loyal local logistics partners – CNW is ready to take on your logistic challenges.

ORBIS Europe engineers and manufactures innovative, durable and sustainable transport packaging solutions for the automotive industry. The foldable large containers (FLCs) are produced from recyclable and recycled plastics as sustainable alternatives to steel, wood or one-way packaging. With a robust design and high weight capacities, the containers can be UN-certified to safely transport solid dangerous goods, such as lithium-ion batteries. Our team of certified dangerous goods and packaging experts supports you through the entire process – from development to certification of your packaging solution.
ORBIS Corporation, headquartered in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (USA), is part of Menasha Corporation, one of the oldest family-owned manufacturers in the United States (since 1849). From tote/pallet systems and bulk packaging to custom dunnage and fabricated rack solutions, ORBIS offers the most unbiased product selection in the industry at locations throughout Europe and North America.
E2OPEN - web

At E2open, we’re creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain. It starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply and delivery constraints. Bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics partners, our collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. All this complex information is delivered in a single view that encompasses your demand, supply, logistics and global trade ecosystems. E2open is changing everything. Demand. Supply. Delivered.
CEVA - web

Coming soon...


ProAct - web

ProAct International is a provider of end-to-end supply chain software solutions and services to many of the world’s largest and well-known manufacturers and logistics providers. Our Supply Chain Digitalization solutions represent the principle of global, end-to-end, multi-modal supply chain planning, execution and visibility capabilities across multiple markets. ProAct is also a market leader within the automotive finished vehicle logistics market.
Seoul Robotics - web

Seoul Robotics’ 3D perception platform, using deep learning AI, is powering the future of mobility. The company’s LV5 CTRL TWR solution, for the finished vehicle logistics market, uses a mesh network of sensors and computers on infrastructure to guide vehicles autonomously without requiring sensors be placed on individual vehicles.
Priority Freight - web

Priority Freight are time-critical logistics specialists, helping customers meet complex and urgent international transport challenges by adding speed and flexibility to supply chain's. Operating 24/7 365, Priority Freight display a constant commitment to providing the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable solutions, time and time again.

Höegh Autoliners - web

Höegh Autoliners is a global leader in deep sea Roll on Roll off (RoRo) shipping, transporting cars, high and heavy and breakbulk cargoes globally. We develop innovative solutions for greener and more sustainable deep-sea transportation and are working closely with customers and partners to achieve a zero emissions future.
Royale - web

Royale International is a global logistics provider with 42 offices spread across 23 countries. The organization offers customized services and timely solutions to meet the needs of clients ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 corporations. Royale offers a variety of logistics services such as; Life Sciences solutions, Air freight, E-commerce logistics, Express Courier, Mail fulfilment, and Warehousing, but specializes in Time Critical logistics.
With over 25 years of Time Critical logistics experience, the organization thoroughly understands how to take on complex challenges and offer breakthrough logistics solutions to its clients. Royale’s global account management teams have extensive logistics knowledge and can provide rapid solutions for businesses in various sectors, such as the Automotive, Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Oil&Gas industries, knowing they can depend on Royale International to ensure the safe and prompt arrival of their goods.

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