Sean Bricknell Volvo, Dieter Braun Audi, Christopher Ludwig

Power the supply chain and its people

Volvo’s Sean Bricknell (left) and Audi’s Dieter Braun (middle) put empowering people at the centre of making supply chain management more strategic

The past several years has proved that having resilient supply chains is not only to the benefit of cost and stable operations – but they can be essential to automotive manufacturers’ profits and market share. As the European automotive industry accelerates its transition to electrified, sustainable supply chains, and looks to explore reindustrialisation opportunities, the role of transparent, predictive and agile supply chain and logistics will be at the heart of the industry’s success – or a barrier over which it could stumble.

In this concluding session to Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Europe, Audi’s head of supply chain Dieter Braun and Volvo Cars’ head of global inbound and packaging take the long view on logistics and supply chain operations, and talk about how they are mitigating disruption but also using the opportunity to influence long-term investments and decisions across the value chain. They reveal strategic processes, systems, partnerships and – perhaps most importantly – the people in their organisations that will help the European automotive supply chain be greener, stronger and smarter.

Dieter BraunHead of Supply Chain, Audi
Sean BricknellGlobal Head of Inbound Logistics and Packaging, Volvo Cars

Christopher Ludwig, Editor-in-chief, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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This session was held on Monday May 3, 2022 during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Europe Conference

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