Watch: Building a viable and sustainable European battery supply base

Building Europe’s battery supply base

The huge demand for lithium-ion batteries is requiring massive investments and new supply sources across Europe, and experts from BMW Group, EV battery startup Britishvolt and packaging supplier ORBIS Europe reveal the supply chain opportunities and changes ahead.

With EV sales and production ramping up, the European automotive industry wants to reduce its dependency on Asia for sourcing lithium-ion batteries and components. That is why carmakers and manufacturers are investing heavily to develop a regional battery supply chain that will ensure stable supply, competitive costs and be more sustainable. The stakes and opportunities are huge, which is why OEMs like BMW are investing billions, and new battery startups such as Britishvolt are emerging. 


Justus Löbler, Expert in Sustainability and Mobility Strategy at BMW Group

Isobel Sheldon OBE, Chief Strategy Officer at Britishvolt

Jürgen Krahé, Senior Commercial Directorat ORBIS Europe

Moderated by Richard Logan, Senior Conference Producer, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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