Watch: How automation and data analytics can elevate supply chain performance

How automation and data analytics can elevate performance with Einride, CNH and Blue Yonder

Digital supply chain experts from CNH Industrial, IT and software specialist Blue Yonder and freight automation startup Einride discuss how digitalisation can boost reliability, control and end-to-end visibility in logistics.

Digital supply chains are offering new opportunities to boost agility, reliability and efficiency, providing more control and greater end-to-end visibility across connected and intelligent networks. Experts from CNH, Blue Yonder and Einride share insights on how the right tools and systems can seamlessly integrate suppliers, enrich data analysis, and improve planning and forecasting through scenario simulation for faster and better informed decision making. They also discuss new automation opportunities in freight and transport. 


Per Olof Arnäs, Strategic Logistics Expert at Einride

Selma Maia, Global Material Management for Aftermarket at CNH Industrial

Alan Duncan, Senior Industry Strategy Director Manufacturing EMEA at Blue Yonder

Moderated by Richard Logan, Senior Conference Producer at Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

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