Packaging has a vital role to play in the road to net zero both in improving shipping efficiency and in reducing its material and emission impact. As carmakers and tier-1 suppliers prioritise renewable and recyclable material and the de-carbonisation of the supply chain, logistics leaders are increasingly focusing on the implementation of greener packaging strategies and processes to reduce carbon footprints and develop circular economy strategies to achieve enterprise sustainability goals.

In this exclusive session, understand how packaging materials and solutions are evolving to meet the requirements of modern supply chains, including through new standards established by the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) and adapted by leading OEMs and tier-1 suppliers. SP members including Magna International and General Motors discuss how packaging is collaborating to create standards that allow flexibility for individual organisations to implement sustainable packaging strategies tailored to their business models, operations, and partnerships, and address the barriers to implementing recycling practices. (Download session slides)

Presentations and panel discussions featuring:

  • Jeremy Galanty, sustainability analyst at General Motors (download presentation)
  • Bridget Grewal, director packaging continuous improvement at Magna International (download presentation)
  • Kacie Freeberg, senior director of Industrial VST at ORBIS Corporation

Moderated by Richard Logan, senior content producer at Automotive Logistics

For more on sustainable packaging standards,read our article featuring GM and Magna.

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This panel took place during the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global conference September 20-22, 2022 in Detroit. All sessions and interview are available to view for registered users of Automotive Logistics.
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