Watch: Moving ahead of the pack in container management

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Manufacturers are turning to new technology, data and sustainable materials to revolutionise returnable packaging and container management. Learn the strategies being used at Rivian, Ford Europe, Toyota North America and by returnable specialist CHEP.

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In this lively panel discussion at Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live, OEMs and packaging specialists share insights on the new materials, tracking technology, connectivity and product requirements that are transforming and optimising automotive packaging. 

Experts discuss the innovation driving packaging sustainability, tracking and the need to collaboratively build standards. 


Tony Minyon, senior manager packaging and environmental, Toyota North America

Axel van het Kaar, carline supervisor, material flow and packaging engineering, Ford Europe

Jake Goodman, manager logistics packaging, Rivian

Sanjiv Takyar, head of innovation, solutioning and strategic marketing, CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions Europe

Moderated by Neemish Ladwa, conference and broadcast director, Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

This session was held on September 16th during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live virtual conference. Click here to view all videos from the conference on demand.

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