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In a conversation with Automotive Logistics at ALSC Mexico, Francisco Bravo details Audi Mexico’s strides in adopting and adapting KPIs and strategies in monitoring the supply chain to offset complexities and disruptions.

Shifting from the rearview mirror to the windshield, Audi focuses on KPIs, cost savings and efficient capital use. Bravo highlights how the OEM is overcoming port congestion through collaboration and adaptability, ansd how it counfounded naysayers by implementing necessary changes in just sixteen hours. Communication and collaboration across the extended supply chain are critical in fostering collective solutions.

Bravo addresses the importance of localisation, stressing the need to influence decisions for sustainability. Audi Mexico prepares for EVs, leveraging hybrid production experience. Sustainability is a significant KPI, with ambitious goals and a ‘zero emissions’ project driven by customer demands. In this red Sofa interview, Bravo highlights the industry’s common challenges and shared solutions, including AI adoption and technological advancements, with emergent supply chain concepts such as VUCA and BANI demanding cooperation and adaptation.

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Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico 2023 took place December 5-7 at the Marquis Reforma Hotel, Mexico City. Click here for more highlights and insights.