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Lizette Gracida spoke to Automotive Logistics’ editor-in-chief Christopher Ludwig at this years’ Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico conference.

She stressed the necessary improvements for further industry growth in the region, including prioritising collaboration and communication. Gracida believes the Mexican government should work on creating holistic and long-term policies such as clean energy availability, modernisation of infrastructure, connectivity and improving and retaining skilled work forces.

One of her suggestions to help the Mexican supply chain mitigate capacity challenges at the border involved creating a binational contingency plan between Mexico and the US. Highlighting the success of the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA), Gracida suggested more trade policies and agreements like this could improve logistics further and help seperate politics from the supply chain. 

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Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico 2023 took place December 5-7 at the Marquis Reforma Hotel, Mexico City. Click here for more highlights and insights.