Haley Wilson, logistics director at Navistar sits down on the Red Sofa at ALSC Mexico with Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, Automotive Logistics, to talk about Navistar’s ambitious electrification plans and how the company is working together with VW North America and Traton Group to leverage knowledge and resources and share best practices. 

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She says that Navistar is still discovering opportunities that can compliment its EV ramp-up, including carrier optimisation and leveraging cross-docking. 

”Navistar has been involved in the Traton group just a little bit longer than the VW North America Group, so part of what we’ve started together is how we look at logistical concepts across all of the brands, and then what are the best practices to be able to share with each other, and what are the opportunities where we can be better together,” she says. ”We’re taking a similar approach with VW North America. Much of the team has been doing this for some time, but again Navistar a little bit more recent, so we are looking at how all of the brands are having their logistical concepts in terms of not only operational process but also culturally.”

As an example, she says Navistar has increased the amount of its European supply bases through Traton Group for its Huntsville plant. She said: ”We are leveraging our sister company Scania to do some leveraging of their cross-docks and their consolidation centre over in Europe, to then develop and establish a westbound flow into Huntsville. I have no doubt that we’ll find similar opportunities within VW North America as well.”


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Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico 2023 took place December 5-7 at the Marquis Reforma Hotel, Mexico City. Click here for more highlights and insights. The next event in Mexico will return to Mexico City on November 12-14, 2024.