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In this interview Styles outlines the automotive industry’s evolution into a technology-driven landscape necessitating a workforce proficient in technology, from manufacturing to supply chains.

Styles emphasises the importance of targeted messaging, specifically tailored for the younger, tech-savvy workforce, aiming to transform daily work into a fulfilling experience. Automation and digitalisation are at the forefront, aligning with the inherent problem-solving nature of supply chain roles. Styles stresses that geographically, Mexico emerges as a strategic hub, complemented by Nissan’s decades-long presence in the region. The commitment extends to advancing regional infrastructure, ensuring the country’s position as a vital logistics centre. Collaboration with logistics providers is pivotal, addressing infrastructure challenges and underlining Nissan’s sustained investment in Mexico. Ongoing discussions with partners reinforce the confidence in Nissan’s commitment, recognising the interconnected OEM ecosystem in the region and solidifying Nissan’s integral role in Mexico’s automotive future.


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Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico 2023 took place December 5-7 at the Marquis Reforma Hotel, Mexico City. Click here for more highlights and insights.