Watch: Rise of the robots

David Paquin Locus Robotics, Harry Chase GE Appliances, Tim Miller i9 Sports

What can automotive logistics learn from other industries when it comes to automation and robotics? Experts from Locus Robotics, GE Appliances and i9 Sports compare notes on how robotics can help efficiency as well as those working in logistics.

Smart factories, warehouses and fulfilment centres are reaching new heights in production, in-plant logistics, order fulfilment accuracy and efficiency. Investments in automation and technology such as AI, cobots, wearables and digital twins are revolutionising logistics flows and processes whilst increasing capabilities and supporting Covid-compliance regulations and the drive towards sustainable practices. This session unearths the latest innovations and real potential of industry 4.0.


David Paquin, Director – Industrial Segments at Locus Robotics
Harry Chase, Director Advance Materials at GE Appliances
Tim Miller, Franchise Owner at i9 Sports

Moderated by Neemish Ladwa, Conference and Broadcast Director at Automotive Logistics and Ultima Media

This session was held on February 3rd during the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain North America Live virtual conference. 

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