Ascend Elements and Call2Recycle have signed an agreement to provide dealerships, recyclers and repair customers with EV battery management, logistics and recycling services. Working together, the companies aim to collect and recycle the equivalent of over 300,000 EV battery packs by 2030.

Ascend Elements is providing its EV battery recycling infrastructure and technology. That includes its battery recycling facility in Covington, in the US state of Georgia, which has capacity to process 30,000 metric tons of battery material per year and is one of the largest EV battery recycling facilities in North America.

Ascend Elements battery recycling plant Covington

Ascend Elements’ battery recycling plant in Covington, Georgia, one of the largest EV battery recycling facilities in North America

Ian Braime, chief commercial officer at Ascend Elements, said: “We’re excited to expand our partnership with Call2Recycle and offer a comprehensive EV battery recycling and tracking programme to our customers. This new programme will help automotive dealerships, repair shops and recyclers prepare for the wave of EV batteries that is expected in the coming years.” 

At the same time Call2Recycle will provide collection, logistics and tracking capabilities. Call2Recycle is also providing online access to its GreenTraxEV cloud-based platform, which streamlines the scheduling, routing and logistics of EV battery management, supporting the shipment of mid-life, end-of-life and damaged or defective batteries

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with Ascend Elements so that together we can make strides in building an infrastructure for electric vehicle battery transportation and recycling,” said Leo Raudys, CEO of Call2Recycle. “Our commercial agreement will enable a convenient collection process through our state-of-the-art GreenTraxEV logistics platform.”

Reverse logistics
In terms of reverse logistics, Call2Recycle’s uses third-party carriers for the transport of the batteries that are for recycling. On its GreenTrax platform Call2Recycle can create semi-customised logistics networks for its clients that allow batteries to ship from almost anywhere in North America back to pre-designated locations, according to a spokesperson for the company. The platform offers a few unique features needed for shipping EV batteries, including the ‘dispositioning’ oversight, meaning identifying if the battery is end-of-life or damaged-defective. It also provides carrier routing and freight scheduling with direct API connectivity to the carriers.

GreenTrax also supports issuance of bills of lading, shipping labels and packing instructions, as well as container management, battery tracking by identification number. It also has a shipping dashboard.

“Call2Recycle’s knowledge of the battery sizes and weight aids in scheduling the correct size dry trailer or flatbed, while also ensuring pallet jacks and/or forklifts and US Department of Transport-approved shipping containers are available on site,” said the spokesperson.