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Technology service providers


Collaboration in the supply chain is key for successful EV transition

2023-10-03T12:35:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

The switch to EV production demands greater collaboration between the inbound, outbound and service parts logistics sectors


Gestamp joins Catena-X digital supply chain platform

2023-10-03T11:38:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Spanish parts maker Gestamp is boosting its technological and environmental credentials by joining the Catena-X data-sharing platform.

Adrian Jennings, Cognosos

Barriers to digitalisation are ‘failures of tech industry’

2023-09-14T15:19:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

The biggest barriers to further digitalisation in FVL are ‘damning’ failures of the technology industry rather than failures of the FVL sector. 


Planning BMW’s logistics in the factoryverse

2023-08-21T17:45:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

Logistics planners at BMW’s Plant Spartanburg are designing layouts in the virtual world, with visibility of how changes would impact production and worker movements.


Watch: Finished Vehicle Logistics 2023 Survey Results Livestream

2023-08-21T11:27:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics

Watch on-demand our September 13th livestream, where we analyse the results of the recent 2023 global finished vehicle logistics survey, brought to you in partnership by Automotive Logistics and Cognosos.

SVGs new title Oct_Pre-thumbnail

Register: Balancing Sustainability, Resilience, and Profitability in the Automotive Supply Chain

2023-08-21T11:23:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics

This livestream with Mercedes-Benz explores how supply chain stakeholders can use machine learning to develop a more resilient, sustainable logistics network.

2022 Subaru WRX Lmt-3

Subaru expands partnership with Kinaxis to improve forecasting

2023-08-08T13:09:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

The OEM hopes the partnership will help increase operational efficiency and optimise inventory.


How vehicle tracking tech can add visibility to outbound logistics

2023-07-31T14:45:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics

Having more visibility over logistics could help the sector to improve efficiency and increase quality.

Roro generic

AI analytics ranks factory fires as top disruption to automotive supply chains

2023-07-18T13:17:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

A supply chain mapping company has recorded a total of 8,197 disruptions across supply chains in the first half of the year.

JLR partners with Everstream to embed AI into its supply chain

JLR uses AI to strengthen supply chain

2023-06-18T23:01:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Everstream Analytics will work together to predict and avoid future disruptions in the supply chain. 


Volkswagen chooses Acertus for railhead logistics in Illinois

2023-05-24T17:16:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

VW Group of America has started using the Centerville railhead ramp in Illinois for finished vehicle moves and is being supported by Acertus for onward road haulage in an initial three-year contract

FVLNA23 Benjamin Pohl Ford_resize

A picture paints a thousand words for Ford’s quality inspection

2023-05-23T16:50:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Benjamin Pohl told delegates at this year’s FVL North America conference that Ford is looking hard at digital tools for real-time information to better identify where and when damage is occurring

AL Whitepaper Promo - 600x400

Whitepaper: The ROI Alignment Advantage: Improving FVL Efficiency and Profitability

2023-05-23T09:27:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics, Cognosos, sponsor partner

When Vehicles are located more quickly and accurately, cost and inefficiencies decrease and the benefits affect the entire FVL supply chain: OEMs, Vehicle transportation companies, dealerships, and ultimately, customers benefit.


Out of sight is not out of mind in today’s vehicle logistics

2023-05-13T20:40:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Carmakers and their logistics and technology providers are looking for greater transparency in the outbound network to manage customer expections on vehicle delieries in the face of supply chain disruption

HiveMQ AMS Whitepaper_600x400

Whitepaper: Optimizing Global Operations and Supply Chain for Automotive Manufacturing with MQTT Sparkplug

2023-04-26T15:27:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics, HiveMQ, sponsor partner

Are you looking for a fool-proof solution to overcome connectivity challenges and bridge OT and IT systems so you can optimize global operations and supply chain? Many forward-thinking companies are using MQTT Sparkplug to this end. Read this whitepaper to learn more.


Digital clouds on the horizon for finished vehicle logistics

2023-03-28T13:10:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Speakers from Volvo Cars, Inform and ECG debated the lack of transport capacity on road, rail and ocean at this year’s ALSC Europe conference and talked about how digital tools could make the most efficient use of existing equipment


Freyr Battery to launch test production in Norway

2023-03-20T16:18:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

Freyr Battery will hold an event on March 28 to inaugurate test production at its Customer Qualification Plant in Mo i Rana, Norway ahead of full production in 2024 at the GigaArtic battery plant


Getting the teams up to speed at Toyota

2023-03-20T09:52:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

Toyota is boosting the principle of kaizen, or incremental improvement, by using Microsoft technology in both manufacturing and its value-added outbound logistics services

MercBenz Recycling Kuppenheim

Mercedes-Benz breaks ground on battery recycling plant in Kuppenheim

2023-03-14T14:48:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

Mercedes-Benz has celebrated the start of work on a lithium battery recycling plant in Germany that will recover 96% of materials, helping to produce 50,000 battery modules a year

Cognosos_vehicle lot_RTLS

Riverwood Capital invests $25m in Cognosos

2023-03-14T12:42:00+00:00By Automotive Logistics

Tracking technology expert Cognosos will be able to support its next growth phase with the latest $25m investment, this time from private equity firm Riverwood Capital 

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