Axess Logistics is supporting its finished vehicle operations and improving logistics transparency with technology from Vinturas.


Axess Logistics is using the Vinturas Interoperable Network tool to gain visibility in its finished vehicle deliveries

The Swedish logistics provider said the technology would provide end-to-end visibility and data sharing, enabling secure collaboration with its trading partners in the delivery of new and used finished vehicles in Scandinavia and parts of Europe.

Vinturas is supplying Axess Logistics with its Interoperable Network tool, which connects parties involved in the outbound delivery of vehicles, provides them with the same information and automates communication and data flow, as well as providing blockchain encryption. Axess Logistics said the integration of the tool into its operations will eliminate the need for traditional electronic data interfaces (EDI) and manual data entry. The technology will help avoid the risk of data inconsistencies between different systems throughout the supply chain, and generate significant time and cost savings, according to the company.

“In an industry plagued by visibility gaps like ours, integrating with Vinturas will allow us to improve our proactive updates, near real-time shipment tracking, and significantly reduce errors from manual entries,” said Mats Eriksson, CEO of Axess Logistics. “These enhancements will directly strengthen customer relationships and our market position across Scandinavia.”

Vinturas established itself in 2019 with the aim of providing more visibility to help OEMs and fleet owners to manage their European flows on a near-real time basis and provide dealers with accurate ETAs. That technology can improve planning, optimise inventories and networks and save on costs, according to Vinturas. 

“By combining our expertise, we can provide Axess Logistics with essential digital tools to streamline processes and enhance visibility through safe data-sharing within its intricate automotive supply chain,” said Ronald Kleijwegt, CEO of Vinturas.

Last year Mitsubishi Motors Europe started using Vinturas’ cloud-based interoperable network solution (INS) for the launch of its new generation ASX, which is being produced in Spain